Turn aircraft purchase and ownership into a smooth, predictable and profitable process! 


Purchasing (or selling) a private jet is a big decision. The one that can be accompanied by a big risk, if you allow your emotions to be a deciding factor.

To be certain that the decision is going to skyrocket your business and help you live your life to the fullest, it needs to be data-driven. It also needs to be made after identifying and resolving a plentitude of factors. That's when Abeona steps in.

Sky-High Expertise

We are skilled and experienced enough to provide a streamlined guidance through the aircraft purchase process, helping you maximize your ROI.

Huge Network

Our brand network of aircraft sellers, buyers, and operators ensure each option that we propose is 100% tailored to your exact goals, needs and budget.

All-around Partners

From the initial comprehensive needs assessment to the ongoing monthly management, Abeona is your aircraft ownership one-stop-shop.

Always on Board

Count on us to always make ourselves available and ready to fight for your best interest - even if it means telling you the things you don't want to hear.


Is whole ownership the best choice for your needs - or should you consider fractional ownership? How can you craft a tax-efficient arrangement? How to choose between different aircraft maintenance options? Should you charter the private jet when you don't have any scheduled flights? OR - should you just continue chartering flights (and maybe look into Abeona's charter deals)?

Don't let the myriad of questions ground your spirits down. Private aviation experts at Abeona know how to help you identify and select the perfect aviation jet solution.

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Accountants have a saying: "If it flies, floats, or facilitates physical pleasure - rent it". But, while Abeona does offer exceptionally convenient private jet charter services, purchasing an aircraft is often the right call for many of our clients. 

To identify if that is the case for you, and to deliver a completely tailor-made solution for your current and future needs, we conduct a specially-designed Takeoff-to Touchdown Flying Needs Assessment. Even though the analysis is streamlined, it is extensively thorough to ensure all crucial details are taken into consideration: 

Travel history

Upcoming flights

Planned vs Unplanned trips

Frequent destinations

Number of passengers

Scheduling flexibility

Financial analysis

Tax plan options

Management models

...and many more! 

Ready to pinpoint and assess the top 3 options for your exact flying needs?


Aircraft Purchase

After establishing that private jet ownership is the way to go, our experts start comparing aircraft types and models to identify the best one for your goals. We go through over a hundred little details (because each one can make all the difference) to ensure you get the absolute best value for your investment. In the end, our brokerage experts help you acquire the selected aircraft for the right price.

Operator Selection

Next comes the selection of the right operator for your aircraft. To make your investment sound, the private jet service has to be reliable and consistent. Our breakthrough assessment method also assists in tailoring the services to your specific preferences - without overspending for it. This helps ensure you will receive a speedy assistance and a broad variety of support services from your selected operator.

Aircraft Management

Other than administering the aircraft housing and maintenance for you, we provide an unparalleled ongoing jet auditing service. We keep track of aircraft utilization, reviewing technical and financial details to maximize your ROI and your aircraft's market value. We also take care of implementing those special little touches that make your flying experience even more enjoyable. 



Not sure how to determine the best solution for your private flying needs? Don't worry, we have all the experience, capabilities, and connections needed to help you discover and make the right choice. Get in touch to get started.